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Fawning all over

May 22, 2013 - Heather Ziegler
Residents of Elmhurst, The House of Friendship on National Road in Wheeling, spotted a newborn deer nestled in the grass near the front porch, Monday. There was no mother deer in view for several hours. The baby deer eventually stood up on shaky legs and moved from its sunny spot to the cool shade of hedges. Later in the morning, the mother deer cautiously arrived on the Elmhurst campus, making its way from the nearby creekbank area to the front yard where it held watch over its offspring. Residents and staff kept their distance, hoping that the family would leave together for the creekbank woods and away from the traffic. On Sunday afternoon, another baby deer was sighted under the Elmhurst creekside deck. The mother deer eventually led her baby to the creek's edge, leaving the Elmhurst an "empty nest" of sorts. The residents who witnessed the event knew to leave the fawn alone as the mother would eventually return. And she did. This should be a lesson to all who find themselves in a similiar situation. Mother Nature is pretty good about taking care of the animals of the forest. Just because those animals sometimes cross our path doesn't mean we should interfere other than if an animal is in immediate danger.


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