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Pet Peeve Monday

May 13, 2013 - Heather Ziegler
OK, I'll just get it out there from the beginning so all you naysayers, doom and gloomers and chronically critical can take your best shots. I am ready. With the varied road work, utility workings and so on in full swing, it can be a nightmare to get around our fair valley, notably around Wheeling and its many one-way streets. The work on W.Va. 2 between 16th Street and the eastbound onramp to I-70 can be a bear at times, especially at rush hours. Beware. For motorists heading out of Wheeling eastbound will find many detours. At times, the entrance to the eastbound tunnel is closed. Use an alternative route. Now you can go up over Wheeling Hill or out 15th Street to McColloch Street, past the old Blaw Knox (if you are old enough to know about Blaw Knox) and cross the ailing bridge there at Ace Garage (yield when required) and then hop on National Road to wherever your out-the-pike destination is located. My pet peeve of the day is not with all the detours because they are necessary to get the work done. But in downtown Wheeling there is no signage for turning left onto a one-way street. Particularly at 16th and Market and 12th and Market streets. Yes, if the coast is clear, you can turn left from those numbered streets onto Market Street. I asked a copy and he said yes, this is correct. Very few people utilize this aspect of driving in Wheeling so you sit on 16th Street or 12th Street for more time than necessary. Another intersection that can be trying for many is at 26th and Chapline streets. Again there is the option of turning left (south) onto Chapline from 26th Street. This gets to be a bit tricky, I know, because that is a very busy intersection. Just be careful and use common sense. OK, here's my last issue. One Ohio County school bus driver reported that his bus was passed by five different vehicles on one day as his bus was stopped with red lights flashing. By the grace of God no child has been hurt or killed in these instances. There are only a few weeks left in the school year. PLEASE DO NOT PASS A STOPPED SCHOOL BUS. These are your kids and grandkids we're talking about!


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