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Sweets for the Sweet

February 8, 2013 - Phyllis Sigal
Candy ... gotta love it.

I know I do. I love sugar, although I try not to indulge too often. But my staples are my gummy vitamins after lunch and maybe a nibble of dark chocolate after dinner (too much and I'm awake at 3 in the morning). Dark chocolate? Vitamins? Those even sound healthy!

And speaking of healthy, Unreal candy claims to be "on a candy-coated mission to unjunk the world" with "candy with a conscience."

It started with a question from 13-year-old Nicky Bronner, whose parents had confiscated his trick-or-treat loot. Why is candy so bad for you?

Together, father Michael Bronner, Nicky and his brother, Kris, went to work on creating a good-tasting, more healthy candy.

They were connected eventually with Australian Chef Adam Melonas, and Nicky and Adam spent two years and tried hundreds of recipes to perfect the first five candies.

Unreal candies "proudly claims":

• No corn syrup • No hydrogenated oil • No artificial flavors • No GMOs (genetically modified organisms) • No synthetic colors • Responsibly sourced ingredients

They also use natural colors, like red from beets and blue from purple cabbage. Cool.

You can purchase a variety of Unreal candies: candy coated chocolates with peanuts; candy coated chocolates; chocolate caramel nougat bar; chocolate caramel peanuts nougat bar; and peanut butter cups. Each candy is similar in taste (and yummy, too) to one of your favorites already out there (M&Ms, Milky Way, Snickers and Reese's). The price is comparable to the competition, and Unreal is available locally at CVS and Michael's.

So maybe this Valentine's Day, you might want to gift your loved one with a healthier option .... you can always wrap it in some pretty red wrapping!

IF YOU'D LIKE to bake up some pretty heart cookies with a non-GMO product, try Zulka pure cane sugar. It's an all-natural, unrefined, granulated sugar, pressed from fresh sugar cane. It's a cup-for-cup replacement for refined white sugar and works in any recipe in which traditional granulated sugars are used.

I tried some recipes with Zulka, and I loved its texture and light brown color. It has a crystal look that works great for rolling cookies in it. I also liked its taste; it tastes more natural, more like sugar cane than processed white sugar, I thought when I first tasted it.

You can find it at Kroger and Walmart in the local area.

OR IF YOU just want some good old-fashioned, sugary fun, check out for every candy imaginable! There's bulk candy, candy by color (perfect for weddings, showers and holidays), rock candy, taffy, Swedish fish, M&Ms ..... I could go on and on. (You could send hundreds of red M&Ms to that special someone for Valentine's Day if you'd like! My brother once sent me 30-some green M&Ms one year and 30-some red M&Ms the next for my birthdays ... but he actually gathered them from regular bags of M&Ms!)

But the best category is the old-fashioned candy. I remember Mary Janes, Sesame Seed Snaps, horehound candy sticks, Clark's teaberry gum, candy cigarettes, root beer barrels candy, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Chick-O-Stick bars, Mallo Cups (l LOVE Mallo Cups), Bun Bars, Nut Goodie Bars .... oh, my! My sweet tooth is throbbing just at the thought of all of these.

Check out the website ... it's as much fun as, well, a kid in candy store! (Someone had to say it.)

I'm all for healthy, but I love nostalgia.

So, three cheers for the Unreal healthier versions ... and three cheers for for keeping my old favorites around!

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