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You know you're too busy when ...

April 11, 2012 - Betsy Bethel
You know you're too busy when ...

... as you get out of the car, you grab your purse, briefcase, lunch bag, travel mug, fast food garbage, sweater, child's artwork and child's coat ... and you leave the keys turned part way in the ignition ... overnight. Thank God for the three As!

... you write down the wrong time on your calendar for a weekly work meeting you've been attending for six years, and you don't realize it until your phone rings — it's your boss, wondering where you are.

... you hop like a ping pong ball from one task to another only to find at the end of an hour you have accomplished nothing other than keeping the cat entertained.

... you call someone and while the phone is ringing your brain takes a journey through your grocery list or the places you need to stop after work or the things your children have to accomplish before bath and bed time. You snap back to reality when an unidentified voice says, "Hello? Hellooo?" At that point, you either hang up (not advisable in today's world of caller ID), or you own up: "Um, hi! I forget who I was calling! Hahahahaha. Who is this?" If the stars are aligned in your favor, you get voice mail.

... you put the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the refrigerator.

... you find yourself multitasking when it's inadvisable, e.g., while driving, using the bathroom or nursing the baby. (The driving thing is especially dangerous, not to mention expensive when you end up in two fender benders inside of a week. Yeah, that happened to me.)

... you open your lunch bag at work to find a pb&j and Dora yogurt. Your poor child got stuck with the Lean Cuisine.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, stop, take some deep breaths, have a little chuckle at life's craziness, and remember to look for the silver lining. Trust me, if you look, you will find it.


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