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Emma-isms for a Monday morning

March 26, 2012 - Betsy Bethel
I thought a Monday would be a good day to share some of the latest Emma-isms with you. I hope they lighten your load.

Exclamation: "For heaven petes!"

Out of the blue one morning at breakfast: "I will betect you all your life, Mommy. I will betect you from ferris wheels."

Starting to read: "Look, Mommy, the box says 'Ages 6 and Up.' I'm 6 and you're 'and Up'!"

Staring out the window one morning while I tried to motivate her: "Sorry, Mommy, I was captivated." (Not technically an Emma-ism, but I laughed anyway — how does she know that word!?)

And for those who are new to the blog, here's a reprise of some other Emma-isms, a "greatest hits," if you will.

— — —

At age 2:

"Brooming" is sweeping the floor

"Vrooming" is playing with a car

Wanting to play peek-a-boo: "Boo me, Mommy!"

Her reply when offered some barbecue pork: "No, I too young."

— — —

Age 3:

As we were practicing letter sounds, I said, "R," and she said, "R, Arr is for pirate!"

She was playing this morning with her rubber duck and bathtub turtle. They were sleeping. "Sshhh!" she told me. As I walked away, she yelled, "All right! Time to get up, you fat lazy biddies!" (!?)

After her first bout of diarrhea since becoming toilet-trained, she looked in the potty and said, "Huh! Poop crumbs!"

— — —

Age 4:

We were watching one of her kid movies, sitting together in the recliner. As a "scary" scene came on, she reached up and covered MY eyes.

If she wants a cheese sandwich (not grilled), she'll say she wants a "fake grilled cheese."

When something bad happens: "Uh-oh, spa-doke-i-oes."

I asked Emma what she did in school today. "I'm curious," I said. "Oh, mom!" she said and giggled. "You're not a monkey!"

I am going to miss these when she gets older!!!


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