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Listen up, Ladies

August 4, 2011 - Heather Ziegler
While I tend to hit the delete button automatically when I receive emails about this scam and that scam, these last ones I received at least sound like something that could really happen. You can take it for what it's worth, but maybe it will help one person. It seems that in some larger cities where gangs are more prevalent and gang initiations are mean and violent, there is one tactic said to be employed that could end up with someone being killed, raped or both. It seems that gang members (or maybe just some awful people) place a baby car seat on the side of a rural road. There might be a blanket over the seat and even a doll in there to make it look like a baby. Of course, this plays to the sympathies of anyone driving by -- especially mothers. If they stop to investigate or rescue the "baby," they are then dragged into the woods and you can imagine the rest. The best advice for something like this is to keep driving to a safe location and call police. Period. How often do you hear about babies being dumped on the side of the road, really? Use your head. Second, if someone throw eggs at your windshield, do not use your windshield wipers. This will only smear the eggs making visibility impossible. The same goes with squirting windshield fluid. It will only make matters worse. If you smear the windshield, you will have to stop and then you could face abduction or who knows what. Keep driving until you reach a safe place. Call police. Or you can just dial 112 on your cell phone and you will get an emergency dispatcher who can get you help. There are all kinds of clever and devious criminals out there. Tell you kids and grandkids and anyone you love about these things. I know I have become more aware of my surroundings when shopping or driving by myself. Be prepared. Don't text and drive. Turn the radio down and listen to what's going on. I watched as a fire engine tried to pass vehicles on an exit ramp on I-70 the other day. One driver just did not move until the truck blasted its siren and horn directly behind her. The driver had earphones in both ears! That's pretty stupid and dangerous.


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