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Judge Not

July 8, 2011 - Heather Ziegler
I know. The headlines, the airwaves and the TV screens have been littered with people offering their opinions on the outcome of the Casey Anthony case. "Experts" and "John Q. Public" alike have been interviewed and have dissected the case of this young mother accused of killing her young daughter. There is no shortage on advice or opinion as to "what went wrong" that this woman was found not guilty of the unthinkable crime of killing her own child. She was, however, found guilty of misdemeanor charges of lying to police. I knew when I heard the prosecutors' closing argument that the jury would have a hard time finding her guilty of murder and that's exactly what I told my fellow newspaper staffers hours before the verdict was announced. However, I wasn't impressed either with the defense attorney when he presented several hours of closing argument. Obviously the prosecution presented an over-confident case. The evidence was just not there to convict her of murder. She may be as guilty as sin, but no one could prove it. Sadly she cannot be tried again for this murder. The judicial system nor the jury failed here -- the case was flawed from the beginning. It smacks of the same problems that arose around the Jon Benet Ramsey case in which a child was murdered under very strange circumstances. In both cases there are giant holes as to what happened to these little girls. No amount of screaming or finger-pointing blame will change the outcome of either of these cases. We will probably never know what happened in either case lest a death-bed confession surfaces.


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