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Channeling My Energy ....

September 28, 2007 - Phyllis Sigal
It's that time again when my time is not my own.

No, the kids aren't moving back home. It's Fall Television Season.

It's when new shows are introduced and old shows come around again, with new characters, new plots, new evenings, new time slots.

It's when — I'm sheepishly admitting — I have to be home by 9 p.m. on Thursdays to watch "Grey's Anatomy." (I loved the first episode. Once a week is just not enough for that show! I have been known to watch it Thursday at 9 p.m., then catch the same show again Friday at 8 p.m.)

My family is addicted to "Heroes," but it was on opposite of "24" and therefore I never got hooked on that one. But "24" doesn't start for a while, so I'm vulnerable to yet another show.

"Desperate Housewives" has come and gone from my life, but now I'm back to it, having watched a few reruns over the summer to reconnect me to the characters and their lives once again.

And "Grey's" has a spin-off ... "Private Practice" featuring Dr. Addison Montgomery. And then there's "Lost" — another one I avoided for a few seasons until my kids finally got me hooked. It's also not back on for a while.


I try to only allow myself three shows that I "have" to watch. And I don't believe in taping and watching later — it never happens. And TiVo? Well, even if I had it, I'd never be able to figure it out. I can't even turn the television on in our basement — there are three remote control switchers and I have no idea how they all work. Well, I can turn the TV on. I just can't get it to do anything beyond that.

So, if I pick up a new show, say "Private Practice," I'll need to let another go from my life. My kids usually tell me to ditch "American Idol." Then there's "House," which I'll watch from time to time ... and "Monk" (new episodes return in January) ... and I think that's it. Well, sometimes I'll catch "The Apprentice" ...

What's the solution? Just turn it off and pick up a good book.

Hey, what's everybody reading .... and watching?


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