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The Search for Intelligent Political Life in the Universe

October 12, 2010 - Joselyn King
Did you know that Jackie Kennedy -- although married to a Democratic president -- was a Republican?

It's a political tidbit I heard recently, and it may or may not be true. But it begs the question -- just where do you get your political education?

This past week, I heard a candidate say something that gave me gutwrenching pause.

"It's easier for me this year," he explained. "The electorate is more educated. I don't have to explain anything to them. They watch Fox News.

"In some homes I know it's on all day. They watch Beck, O'Reilly then Hannity. They know what I'm talking about."

O.K. there is distinct difference between what is news, and what is opinion. My concern is that people are just consuming the media opinion messages they agree with -- and calling it the truth.

Now there's nothing wrong with opinion. You just have to recognize it and accept it for what it is.

Now, back to the always politically fashionable Jackie.

I've learned these tidbits about her:

-- She and JFK actually didn't sleep together in the presidential bedroom the first night. It seems there was a big rift between the two at the Inaugural Ball. John had bought Jackie emerald jewelry (his favorite) to wear for the occasion, but she had worn it the night before for Frank Sinatra's party and didn't want to wear it again. Instead she wore an an onyx necklance she borrowed from Barbara Sinatra.

-- Jackie came from a strongly Republican family, and was a Republican herself. In fact, her father was such a strong Republican that -- that despite being invited by the Kennedys to many events -- he refused to come to the White House where there was a Democratic president.

And just where did I hear these?

My TV is on a lot, too. I heard it on QVC -- where a Kennedy historian tells the story behind Jackie's jewelry, replicas of which are available for sale.

No, I haven't purchased any. . . .yet. Though I really wanted that onyx necklace.


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