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Yes, We've Had Enough.

October 3, 2010 - Joselyn King
One of those negative campaign ads blasted all too frequently these days asks voters the question, "Had Enough?"

Yes, we as voters have had enough -- with the overproliferation of mean-spririted, say nothing, mind numbing negative ads that continually intrude our lives each day way too early this election season.

They come from all sides -- Republican, Democrat, Independent, Constitution, Socialist, Jedi, Tupperware and Keg party enthusiasts.

And the marketing of candidates is especially disappointing this election year as voters seek to hire the best people to lead the country out of bad times. They are looking for someone who can distinguish themselves as someone who has answers, and the ability to implement them.

Negative ads are virtually useless to the voter, as they basically contain exaggerations, mistatements and downright lies about an opponent.

The ads miss many points, but especially the main point this election year. One of the things voters are most upset about in 2010 is the lacking in ability of our elected leaders to get along and play well with each other for the good of their constituents.

The ads plainly show how much our officials exude exteme polarization even before they get to Washington.

Quite honestly the candidates themselves aren't the ones responsible for many of the ads. Many are put together in D.C. by their national party -- who sinks beaucoup bucks in local congressional elections to retain or gain seats in congress.

Still, others are paid for by outside groups campaigning against one candidate. And even the opposition that benefits has no say in their content.

At least one candidate -- who really is a nice man -- told me recently that while he hated negative ads, he felt his campaign had to move toward them. "You have to respond when you're constantly getting hit in the face," he said.

Isn't this the same mentality used by those stockpiling nuclear missiles? Just saying.

In the same breath, I have to commend candidates who have put forth clever and even entertaining political ads this season.

Shawn Fluharty, Democratic candidate for the West Virginia House of Delegates in the 3rd District, has become known in song this year as "Flu Who? Fluharty for the Democrat Party."

And Brian Schambach, Republican candidate for Marshall County commissioner, must want to sop up any competition this year with ease. He is seemingly tying his name, pronounced "sham-baw," with the ShamWow cleaning cloth.

O.K. While neither ad gives voters the candidate's ideas on how best to save today's world, they at least make a voter smile -- and remember their names. And the voter might just look them up for more detailed information.


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