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Random rants and raves

August 4, 2010 - Betsy Bethel

Several things have crossed my desk or my mind lately that just beg for some commentary. So here goes ...

Father of the Year award ...
Goes to Jonathon Chapman of Jewett. The 26-year-old father spent last night in jail on charges of obstructing justice and providing false information after he allegedly concocted a story about a black lab puppy being thrown from a moving vehicle. The story received wide media attention as police and Humane Society workers searched for the non-existent driver. Turns out, Chapman's son found the puppy and wanted to keep it, but Mom said no. Dad made up the story so Mom would feel sorry for the puppy and welcome it into their home.

Chapman is scheduled to be arraigned today. I've heard of making sacrifices for your children, but I am not impressed by lying to police and the public to undermine your wife's decision. Chances are she said no because she has enough mouths to feed and bodies to clean up after. This could have been a great teachable moment for the kid, modeling how not to take on more you can handle and how to deal with disappointment. Instead he learned that if you don't get what you want, lie. I hope the judge gives Mr. Chapman a just punishment so the son will learn there are consequences for adults who concoct bogus stories and act like spoiled children.

Good job to the 9-year-old girl in Moundsville who reported her sexual abuse to her elementary school teacher last year! The abuser will now spend 10 to 25 years in prison. You have helped save countless other children from this guy. You are a hero!

Safety Town rocks
Safety Town should be a requirement for every kindergarten class in the Ohio Valley. It is THAT awesome. Take two hours a day for two weeks and have the incomparable Beth Zebick of Wheeling Hospital come and teach the kids everything they could possibly ever need to know about keeping themselves safe. The school districts should pay for this. Then the teachers can reinforce the lessons throughout the school year, and parents can work on them at home. Thank you, Beth, for helping keep our children safe!
What is up with the self-appointed MERGE POLICE?
While traveling I-70 over the weekend, I watched as a silver SUV driver aggressively merged to the right a few cars ahead of me before a "left lane closed" construction site. He then proceeded to halfway pull into the left lane to prevent any other drivers from passing him. After those frustrated drivers merged behind him, he pulled back into the right lane. If he spotted another car coming in the left lane, he would swerve out!

I've seen this before with tractor-trailers and pickup trucks, too. Where does it say a person has to merge when they first see a "lane closed" sign? In fact, I've seen some constructions signs instructing drivers to "Use both lanes to merge point. Take your turn." There must be some good reason for that. This dude thought he ruled the road. He seemed to be saying: "You're not getting past me! If I had to merge here, you have to merge here." He almost got rear-ended when he pulled out in front of one of the cars. I wonder if the other guy still would have been at fault. Probably. Aggressive drivers suck!



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