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Is Your Check Engine Light On?

July 19, 2010 - Phyllis Sigal

Pain is like a check engine light, said Dr. Emil Nardone. It's a warning signal; it means you should check it out. And not ignore it.

Although, we do it all the time. Oh, it'll go away, we think.


But maybe not. Maybe it will get worse. And worse.

I decided to check out Nardone Chiropractic & Wellness' inaugural public awareness campaign titled “Wellness in Wheeling” — a free healthcare event open to the public held earlier this month at the City-County Building.

Because my back had just "gone out" a few days before while I was wiping down the inside of my refrigerator (that'll teach me to  clean my refrigerator!), I thought I'd see if I could learn something. And it included a free mini-massage, so that certainly enticed me!

Dr. Emil Nardone spoke a bit on the subject, “Eat Well, Think Well, Move Well,” a mind, body and spirit wellness program supported by 150 chiropractors and created by Dr. James Chestnut, who has been studying human wellness for nearly a quarter of century and is chair of the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) Council on Wellness Science.

Nutrition is a big part of chiropractic philosophy, he noted. In fact, training for a chiropractic degree includes at least 200-300 hours of nutrition education. (Who knew? And I thought they just adjusted spines.)

"It's the American diet that gets people sick," he said. "We've got to start to teach people."

"'75 percent of diseases can be prevented by lifestyle changes,'" says Dr. Nardone, quoting Dr. S. Boyd Eaton, a proponent of Paleolithic nutrition or the "caveman diet."

Our genes haven't changed in hundreds of thousands of years, but our lifestyles have, according to Dr. Chestnut. Pollutants, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and emotional stress lead to illness.

Eating fruits and vegetables, exercise, meditation — all will lead us to a healthier existence, Dr. Nardone believes.
Important questions to think about, Dr. Nardone says, are  "Why do we get sick?" and "How do we stay well?"

If death is 0, and wellness is 10, "our job is to get you to 10," Dr. Nardone said. Instead of treating the symptoms with drugs, we need to fix what's causing the problem, he explained.

This is where "Eat Well, Move Well and Think Well" comes into play.

Eat well: If we do not eat fresh fruit, there is 32 percent greater chance of stroke and 24 percent great chance of heart attack. An apple a day, we have 60 percent less risk of kidney cancer. Those who each fruits and  veggies have half the cancer rate of those who don't, according to Dr. Chestnut.

Move well: Those who exercise see reductions in heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, cancers. Moving well improves digestion and the immune system, Dr. Chestnut states.

Think well: Depression and anxiety, infertility, asthma, hypertension, peptic ulcers, chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, obesity can be improved by thinking well, Dr. Chestnut believes.  

We need to add good things to our diets, get rid of the bad things and incorporate activities into our daily lifestyle, Dr. Nardone said.

Said Thomas Edison, apparently ahead of his time: The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

My check engine light is on. I'm going to find out why.



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